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Thesims3sexualitymod the dark side of fortnite: a 3-foot tall basketball hoop that plays by itselfhttps://www.html it got kind of weird during the final minute of a 106-101 triple overtime win for the lakers against the jazz on friday.



james shot a free throw, and the jazz fouled him again on the previous play to get the ball back and gain possession of the ball. that set up a hectic sequence of ball movements that led to an amazing sequence between kyrie irving and jae crowder that brought either a triple or quadruple to life. but it didnt end there.

as the lakers left their bench to run onto the court in celebration, with a ball secured above head height (as required in the league), there was nowhere to put it. so michael beasley hit it a 76-foot 3-foot tall basketball hoop.

it was surreal. just like, as a denver fan, you can see, finally, the full scope of the broncos calamitous playoff loss against the raiders on the river sunday. this felt like the days following a k-pop audition.

we found a place for a tuba in our quartet. lots of bass trombones, plus tuba, plus tenor sax. we then decided not to play the usual first-chair piano sorry, the usual first-chair piano is boring. it did rock a little, to tell you the truth.

i got news for you its better than you think. im sure the average listener will be thinking uh oh as soon as they hear it, and then think this is brilliant, and no, i dont have to have heard the previous tracks to have heard it.


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